1. How did you get to work on large carnivores?
    • To be honest, my focus and motivation are not the species I work with, but rather scientific questions and management issues. It just so happens that large carnivores are well-suited to my research interests. But you can check my C.V. for a full record of my journey to working with such species.
  2. I am a high school/college/master’s student who wants to work with large carnivores. Do you have any advice?
    • I’m afraid this is hard to answer unless I know your academic record, financial situation, fieldwork experience, data science skills, network, and other pertinent information. Feel free to contact me if you want a more detailed reply, though I cannot guarantee a speedy answer. You can check my collaborator Alex Braczkowski’s website for some helpful guidance. Either way, I urge students to focus on topics rather than taxa – it might sound romantic to work with large carnivores, but it’s hard and tedious!
  3. Can I interview you for an article/podcast/school project?
    • Possibly! Get in touch if you have a fee in mind or want to negotiate one.
  4. Will you give a talk or seminar at my organization’s event/symposium?
    • It depends on a few things, including your ability and willingness to pay speaking fees. Feel free to get in touch.
  5. Will you review my paper/job application/C.V./grant?
    • I can’t do your homework for you, but if you think I can provide helpful pointers on something you are applying for or a manuscript you are writing, do get in touch. At worst, I could point you to someone else who can help. If you are a non-native English speaker, I will definitely try to help you.
  6. Are you looking to advise/supervise any students?
    • Being very early in my own career, I cannot take on any students myself. Regardless, you can get in touch with your research interests and I can recommend potential advisors you can speak to.
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